Permanent Exhibits - Evangelical Lutheran Church Steeple

On February 18, 1860, Theodore Heath purchased the Sager Hall on James Street across the road from the current St. Peter's School.

The hall was remodeled adding a steeple. The new house of worship became the Evangelical Lutheran Church.

Over the following 30 years, the congregation grew far beyond the capacity of the James Street Church. In 1892, a nearly unanimous vote by the worshipers determined a new church was in order.

In March of 1893, under the name of St. John's Evangelical Lutheran Church, the new house of worship was dedicated at its new home on Center Street. The congregation would later reincorporate under its current name of First Evangelical Lutheran Church. The church was now large enough to serve its congregation. The building comprising an area of 44 x 106 feet including a spire reaching a height of 114 feet.

The original James Street steeple was restored as a second steeple toward the rear of the church. This proud structure stood for the following 110 years succumbing to the wrecking ball the summer of 2003.